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Go Mobile or Go Home


The World Wide Web is now more accessible than ever, with high speed connections available in a pocket size forum. Consumers are always connected with a large amount of computing power right in their hand. We are all consuming more and more media every day. The average consumer is getting younger and younger with kids playing with I-pads and cell phone constantly. Online shopping has been reformatted for a smaller and more personal format. The data collected by apps can also track peoples shopping habits and movements.


Apps that are made by online retailers can provide features not available on a mobile web site, as well as collect valuable data on the consumer to use for promotions and targeted advertising down the road.


As more and more people use their mobile devices to order online we will see delivery methods change to keep up with the pace and movement of on demand shopping. Amazon offers 1hour delivery in some parts of the country and will soon be testing drone delivery straight to your door step.


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