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Virtual Reality Marketing


Virtual Reality (VR) is a budding media that is at the cusp of marketing strategies each more creative than the last. To adapt your services targets and possibilities accordingly you need to take a deep dive into the future tech that is fast approaching.


How does it work?

The technology uses a combination of features that more smartphones already have built in such as Accelerometer which measures which way the phone is moving and where the viewer is looking, High Definition Screen which will be in close proximity to the viewers eye screen resolution is very important, and a Fast Processor to prevent any lag in the movement which can make a viewer feel strange.

Virtual Reality surrounds you in a world that can be altered with a click of a button. The industry is set to reach $162 billion by 2020. With players such as Samsung, Facebook, and even the New York Times acquiring a VR agency.


Applications for gaming is the largest movement at the moment but don’t be surprised when you will soon go see the latest super hero movie in complete VR. YouTube has also started allowing some creators to upload their VR content on to the service with mixed results. A lot of the examples I have seen the quality is still catching up and needs some work.

Capturing VR is difficult and editing the footage is another. You can connect 5 GoPros with Omni or use Samsung’s Gear 360 to capture VR


Connecting to consumers is about to be a total immersive experience and I’m sure you want your brand to be right there when the gates are released and VR goes main stream.

Contact us for creative ideas and solutions to bring your brand into the virtual world today.

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