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Modern Marketing in a Post Pokémon go World

Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm and introduced most consumers to augmented reality for the first time. The use of geolocations to play the game gets the public out of the house and into a whole new world of marketing strategies. It is the most downloaded app in the first week of all time.


The game is played on a real map of the users surrounding. In different locations such as monuments or churches there are pokestops where players collect pokemon balls and other items and pokemon gyms where players battel their pokemon to earn points and bragging rights.

Businesses can capitalize on this new phenomena and some already have. After the initial US launch McDonalds, a global leader in marketing, teamed up with Pokémon Go’s creators Niantic to add every McDonalds location in Japan to the Pokémon map. They also started to distribute Pokémon themed toys to drive home the point.


You have several different options when it comes to appealing to this new market landscape. To get foot traffic near your place of business there are options in the game to place lures onto pokestops which are usually landmarks of some kind. This attracts consumers because they see this on their Pokémon man and know that more Pokémon will be in the area. Bars and restaurant have already use this technique to great success.


In the future you will be able to submit your own pokestop/pokegym locations for a price and have the foot traffic increase to your business overnight. The type of consumer playing this game is older teens up to thirties with a great amount of women getting into the action. This means disposable income and plenty of free time to shop and spend with your business.


The growth rate of this game is astronomical which is ushering in a whole new style of game play and we will see many more in the future. The marketing possibilities here are endless, and we have the cutting edge next generation marketing strategies ready for you at

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