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We are Spacestream…

A human-powered agency that pioneers, inspires, & leads.

We design, develop, and market by creating inspiration, inventing, and tinkering with new technologies. Spacestream helps clients navigate the connected economy by re-inventing and connecting their business system with consumers.

Who We Are

Digital Strategy & Planning

Brand experience reviews. Business & competitive research. Personality development. Message insights & impact planning. Communications guidance.

Auto Transport

Ecommerce & Network Builds

Conversion analysis. UX & Visual Design. Front-end development. System integrations & management. CMS development. Analytics & reporting.

Camelback Disp.

Digital Marketing & Advertising

Strategy & research. Concept design. Creative and content development. Multi-Channel Campaign launch. Social strategy , SEO, SEM implementation.


Mobile Strategy & Applications

Mobile experience review. Mobile strategy & guideline development. UX, design & production for mobile platforms & applications. Analytics and reporting.

Aubrey Marcus

Website Design & Development

Strategic planning. Design & UX. Creative & Content production. Front and backend development/management. Analytics and reporting.


Content Direction & Production

Content message strategy and creation. Interactive Content Development. Video direction & production. Animation, VFX & photography.


Brand Identity & Strategy

Brand personality and message positioning. Consumer data research. Visual & verbal guidelines. Product & packaging identity.


Brand Experience Installations

Visual & interactive installations. Point of sale experiences. Mobile integration at purchase point. Real-time data collection/analysis.


Research and Data Analytics

Branding campaigns – redesign, measurement & optimization. Digital network audits and analysis. Data architecture. Testing & analysis.



Project & Account

Our client Relations model is built through the utilization of Account & Project Managers.

Our Project Managers work directly with our clients and, at the same time, oversee the design/production teams working on projects. They’re the medium between our clients’ needs and our team’s creative solutions. Our Project Managers are the foundation of our process, along with account managers for non-development related interactions. Project Managers guide production, understand the digital network, and well versed in how to make results come to life. Our Project Managers and Account Managers oversee client relationships and work closely with them on every project.

Strategy & Analytics

Spacestreams strategy and analytics team consists of number crunchers, and creative problem solvers.

Our strategists and analytics team not only understand brands, but also how brands can most effectively connect with customers through different networks and system experiences—both online and off. The team utilizes a model of strategy development to solve challenges, and understands that each challenge is unique and requires a specific approach. The team also inspires results that effectively and measurably connect brands with target consumers.

Creative – UX & VX

Best in class designers, content developers and user experience designers.

The creative team team is involved in much of the process – from concept to production of each project and throughout development / Quality Assurance. They work closely with Strategy & Analytics in the early phases of a project and also with our Technology Development team to ensure the final experience is one that our clients and their customers will love.

Technology & Development

Comprised of innovators and critical thinkers allowing concepts to grow stronger with every brainstorm.

Our team of technology specialists and developers offer a wide range of skills including web and mobile development, creative and interactive installations, Ecommerce and content management tools. The team is comprised of tireless inventors who exhaust countless amounts of time and energy on our Research & Development practices. Then, working closely with our designers, they create revolutionary solutions.

Content Development

An internal production studio producing awe inspiring, exciting, and inspirational content for all channels and networks.

The content development studio is as flexible as the content it produces. From brand message, to fully animated content, and everything in between, the content developers are dedicated to producing content that entertains and provides value to customers on behalf of the business they interact with. The team is comprised of producers, editors, animators and computer graphic artists.

& Expertise Specifics

Including but not limited to….


Online Reputation Management
Web Development
Mobile, Tablet, Desktop Application Development
Hybrid/Native Apps
UX/UI Design and Development
Front-End Visual Design
Graphic  Design
Business analysis
Print / Digital
Script Development
Plugin Development
Hosting Solutions
CDN Solutions
Database optimization
Back-End Development


Paid Search
Display Advertising
Digital Advertising
Keyword Research
Keyword Density
URL Structure
Internal Linking
Original, Effective & Keyword
Content Creation
Creative Installments
Interactive Installments
Video Development
Radio/TV Commercials
Animation – CG, VFX
Product Design
Traffic Optimization
(CRM) Customer Relationship Mgmt.



C+ / Javascript / Flash
Responsive Design
3D – Maya, 3DSM
SQL Server
Google Search Appliance
Algorithm Development
Amazon RDS
Facebook API
Amazon Web
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects


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